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Ipsita Computers Pte Ltd provides the precise and innovative solution for your business. By knowing your exact requirement, we prepare the 'Software Requirement Specification' for your easy understanding to check if it rightly serves your pupose. Once you approve both specification and budget, we proceed for software development and finally deliver it with proper training, providing with 'User Guide & Manuals'. After expiry of trial run period, we come to an 'Annual Maintenance Contract' (AMC) to serve our clients with utmost satisfction - year after year. 

Whether you are looking for a full support or a part of your IT support, we are here to assist you better than others. You can trust on our two decade of experience...

Our Services

Custom Software Development

We love challenges and love solving problems. Whether its internal inventory management, customer portals, online stores or school management system, our custom web appli ...Mroe

Web Application Development

Web Application development plays an increased role in business, companies that keep up with modern development trends will have an advantage. Companies that don’t will ...Mroe

E-commerce Solution

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Responsive Website & Portals

If your site needs frequent changes then our team will design the dynamic website for you. The web pages will be 100% responsive and mobile compatible. I ...Mroe

Mobile Application Development

We deliver products for iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5 and more. Our experience across platforms means we can help companies choose the right mobile app services and soluti ...Mroe

Professinal ICT based Training

We are active in ICT based training, conducted a good number of government training projects. We engaged students in real life projects, that helped 90% of them to obtain ...Mroe

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